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Computer Maintenance? Yes! It’s Really That Important!

By April 9, 2018June 20th, 2018Small Business, Home Office, Computer Maintenance
Black and white image of a laptop with a stethoscope over it showing Importance of computer maintenance

Sluggish productivity because of your network or computer performance? Cyber threats keeping you up at night? Do your employees complain about their computers, programs or how hard it is to perform simple computer operations?

There is a fix! With scheduled computer maintenance your computer and network can be zipping along so you can do what you do best: be productive! So what are some of the things to look out for? Here’s what Covalime’s Computer Maintenance Plan offers!

Possible Failure Points are Identified and Corrected

Regular maintenance assessments identify potential problems and weaknesses in your network, allowing us to correct the issues before they can damage your system.

Security from Cyber Threats

Cyber hacks, malware, ransomware and viruses are a real concern as they are becoming more common.  We apply system, application, operating system updates, and remove unwanted programs and add-ons.  We check and remove any virus or malware from your network.

Only half of ransomware victims who pay ransom to cybercriminals recover their data, indicating a need for more effective strategies to deal with these attacks.

Critical Information Won’t be Lost

How often do you test your backups?  If ever?

We ensure backups are running and all critical data can be restored. We inventory your systems and your network configurations and we create a Disaster Recovery Plan or a Business Continuity Plan. A Disaster Recovery Plan is vital, especially with these statistics on data loss:

  • 58% of small businesses are not prepared for data loss
  • 60% of small businesses who lose their data will shut down within 6 months
  • 23% of people with a backup solution in place weren’t able to recover any data at all

Increased Productivity and Reduce Cost

There’s nothing like the speed of a brand new computer. As months go by, your computer starts accumulating junk and unnecessary programs, slowing down your computer and your network, which impacts your productivity. We optimize your computers, servers, web browsers, and applications to ensure you are running at peak performance. Covalime bring that speed back to your systems!

Experience Less Downtime

Downtime cost companies money!  You can drastically reduce it with scheduled maintenance that searches for and correct errors, weaknesses and vulnerabilities.

Don’t have time to keep those systems running smoothly? Covalime’s  Computer Maintenance and Computer Protection Plans can take the stress of keeping your systems running at peak levels while helping improve performance, reduce downtime, and increase security on your computers. 

Give us a call at 239-394-1241 or Contact Covalime to get started today!

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